… Visit From These Friends

We’ve got friends staying with us at the moment, both expats we knew – or knew of – from PNG. He’s been here a few times on his way to other places, and we co-admin a few FB Pages relevant to our international community, but I hadn’t met his wife until their wedding day. It was a bit like a typical high school reunion, in that people you haven’t seen in 15 years wander past you, but ours include people from any and all graduation year/s.

They leave this morning, and it’s doubtful I’ll see them again this year, so: farewell. With his rapidly progressing hearing loss, they need to make a retirement plan (living in SGP, he’s Oz [but hasn’t worked here in 35+ years], she’s US [just getting through his Spouse application for a Green Card is agony], his 1st-marriage son is in SGP)… good luck with all of that!


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