One of my brothers got divorced last year. His ex was a friend of mine before they met, so the last few years have involved a high level of discomfort, trying to not lose a friend but also to not betray my family obligations. 

SO: their divorce was finalised in October 2015; she’s engaged, and we’ve met him (he came with her and the girls, to a family event), and he’s lovely. It was awkward, but less so than I’d expected. 

Meanwhile, my brother has met his soulmate online (in a FB forum for followers of Reformed theology), and is working towards a permanent move to hick-infested backwoods USA to be with her. He’s been over 2x (for a week, each time) to spend time with her in person, and came back even more convinced that She Is The One. 

Between the move, the reinforcement of his ultra-conservative religious beliefs and the fact that he’s started reposting articles from The Blaze, I’m concerned that he’s buying into the far right’s political extremism echo chamber. 

Time will tell, I suppose. 


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