… Black Eye (with any luck)

I’d never had a black eye in my life, until 6 months ago. Suddenly I’m falling asleep all the time (literally collapsing) and waking up in truly odd places: the floor of the shower, the kitchen, the floor next to my bed, facedown in the flower garden (that was more of an 18-hour blackout, I woke up in the ER), sideways off the toilet into the shower or off the other side into the vanity, etc.

So, one day, I tripped over the bathmat. I came to, wedged into the corner between the toilet and vanity, blood everywhere. (Secret squirrel link to blood pic, skip if you prefer not to see it.) Split my forehead from hairline to eyebrow.

Massively bodged stitching job from the ER nurse, went to a plastics guy the next day:

Two (“count them! Two! Ah! Ah! Ah!”) black eyes.Didn’t take any pictures of the next one, but then two days ago, I pulled off this nifty trick:

On the plus side, you can hardly see the scar!

I could happily go these last 10 months without another one.