… Brother

… Brother

One of my brothers got divorced last year. His ex was a friend of mine before they met, so the last few years have involved a high level of discomfort, trying to not lose a friend but also to not betray my family obligations. 

SO: their divorce was finalised in October 2015; she’s engaged, and we’ve met him (he came with her and the girls, to a family event), and he’s lovely. It was awkward, but less so than I’d expected. 

Meanwhile, my brother has met his soulmate online (in a FB forum for followers of Reformed theology), and is working towards a permanent move to hick-infested backwoods USA to be with her. He’s been over 2x (for a week, each time) to spend time with her in person, and came back even more convinced that She Is The One. 

Between the move, the reinforcement of his ultra-conservative religious beliefs and the fact that he’s started reposting articles from The Blaze, I’m concerned that he’s buying into the far right’s political extremism echo chamber. 

Time will tell, I suppose. 


…Free Lunch

…Free Lunch

Dear People To Whom I Am Related

Yes, I am to be knowing the words and where-if to be using same. No, I do NOT want to edit your book/thesis/Craigslist ad for free, or research business contacts for a vague/unspecified possible future hypothetical maybe reward. 

No, you may not break an 18-month silence by attempting smarmy buttering up, giving up, admitting you’d like my help & then call it a favour.


… New Year’s Day

… New Year’s Day

I’ve never been much of a believer in “Resolutions At The Stroke Of Midnight”, so I have none of those to share.

My worst NYD, however, follows on directly from my best NYE. I’d decided at the last minute that I was NOT going to spend this epic (’99/’00) NYE at home by myself, so I’d made my way into town, through all the hundreds of thousands of revellers, by myself. Continue reading “… New Year’s Day”

… New Year’s Eve

I’m not at all fussed about crossing this one off the list – from experience, almost every NYE I’ve lived through has been… well, “meh”, really.

Hands-down, the best 17 minutes of the lot: ’99/’00, watching the Thames light up from end to end, from fireworks barges set between each of the bridges, while standing on Westminster Bridge with 50,000 other people. (The Before and After parts of that night were horrific, but that was good.) Continue reading “… New Year’s Eve”